Why You Should Pick Marble As Your Next Kitchen Countertop Material?

Marble can be one of the most sophisticated designing materials for your home. They serve immense functionalities, are extremely durable and look extravagant when installed in the right way. Kitchen countertops have a different look and feel in marble, specifically white marble. If you use the highest order of white marble, not only would the purpose be served, the countertop would also look lavish. 

Here we have listed top reasons why your kitchen countertops should be in marble:

Stain protection can be added

The best thing about modern-day fine-cut marbles is that you can add stain protection to it. If you use marble as your kitchen countertop material, it is quite natural for it to get stained from food items, especially if it is white marble. In such cases, your kitchen fabricator uses a special sealer that can protect the marble from stains. 

The sealer is a special chemical that adds a synthetic layer over the marble slab and allows it to wipe off any stain easily without settling it down. 

Honed marble is a go-to option

People fear that honed marble would not shine and look lavish as polished marble. However, according to the latest trend, honed marble is a preferred pick for kitchen countertops these days. The reason for this is that honed marble gives a more matte and settled look. It is also more resistant to stains and offer better durability than fine cut, polished marble. 

You get unique options

Each marble slab is uniquely designed. You get different designs when you opt for real marbles. When comparing real marbles to engineered ones or quartz countertops, no doubt there are fewer designs, but you cannot achieve the quality of a fine cut marble with quartz or other similar counterparts. Moreover, the marble’s veins get enhanced after every wipe over time. 

Marble is heat resistant 

Marble is one of the very few natural stones that is naturally resistant to heat. Offering immense durability, using marble as your kitchen countertop will only give you benefits. Moreover, with sealing, the marble would be spill resistant too. 

Increases the brand value of your home

If you use natural stones like marble in your kitchen, it automatically increases the value of your home. You are likely to get a higher value as compared to other synthetic stones. 

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