Blocked Drain: What Is A Clog?

The clogging of a drain is a relatively simple problem: nothing more than an object stuck in the pipe, preventing the natural passage of water. Generally, the reasons for a blockage to occur can be numerous:

  • Large amount of hair falling into the sink
  • pet hair
  • Remains of soap that accumulate
  • Leftover food was thrown down the kitchen drain
  • Dust or dirt accumulated over a long period
  • Excess grease in plumbing

Unfortunately, solving this inconvenience is not always so accessible. By not knowing how to act in this task, the search for qualified professionals can generate a big headache, even more, so that other problems can arise with the clogged drain: bad smell, unusable sink, and infiltrations in the pipes, causing leaks.

Clogged Drain. And Now?

A possible blockage can occur even with all the care and prior hydraulic knowledge. By the way, this is one of the most common residential problems. Calling an expert to do the task is an excellent option, but waiting for a suitable professional or having that extra cost in your budget may not be an option.

So that you can get your hands dirty yourself without fear, we’ve made a list of homemade ways to unclog drains in a simple way using everyday ingredients.

How To Unclog Hair Drain

One of the most common causes for clogging drains, removing hair from the drain is not usually a very pleasant activity, but it is necessary to solve an unclog:

First of all, remove the drain cover;

Using a piece of wire or a hook, remove the hairs inside the drain;

Finally, use liquid detergent and an old toothbrush to clean.

How To Unclog A Sink Drain With A Pet Bottle

This tip is a great option if you don’t have a plunger or any other tool. The pet bottle will help to apply pressure with the water to unclog the plumbing:

  • Take the pet bottle and fill it with water
  • Fit the bottle upside down, with its spout inside the sink
  • Squeeze the bottle to push all your water down the drain
  • Repeat this procedure until successful unclogging.

To help you solve any doubt about how to unclog the drain with the PET bottle, watch this YouTube video:

How To Unclog Service Area Drain

You can use this tip on any clogged drain and blocked drains Medway for example. From the drain in the service area, through the bathroom to the kitchen. Separate the following ingredients:

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Boil a liter of water
  • A damp cloth

Let’s go step by step.

  • Put three spoons of salt directly into the drain
  • Add three more tablespoons of vinegar
  • Pour a liter of boiling water
  • Take the damp cloth to cover the drain with it
  • Wait five minutes, and that’s it