What you Should know when your Home is Damaged by Water

Burst sewer lines, leaking pipes and natural disasters can usually leave your house seriously water damaged. If water damage has impacted your property, you must determine the cause and act quickly to avoid further destruction.

Dealing with household water damage can be quite stressful, especially if it results in more issues down the load. That is why you will need Renovco water damage restoration to restore your property’s original beauty and shape. But, although repairs usually require the help of professionals, there are some things you can follow to help reduce the damage.

Areas in your House that can be Affected by Water Damage

Water is important to life; however, it can also destroy everything in its path. That is why you must understand the areas in your house that can be severely damaged by water. To ensure your safety, inspect the drywall, insulation, plaster, framing, electrical wiring, floor coverings, wood, HVAC, pipes, and appliances. Water can damage your home’s foundation and rack up a hefty restoration bill when left unattended.

Things to Think About Before Water Damage Restoration

To know whether you will clean up the area on your own or hire water damage restoration professionals, assess the situation and consider factors such as the following:

  • Water volume. If your home has a small or moderate amount of water, you can usually manage it by yourself as long as you have the proper tools. But, if there is serious flooding, you might have to contact a professional.
  • Damage source. Before you opt for water damage restoration, identify where the water is coming from. Look for out there kinds of water if you have flooding issues in your house. These types include clean water, black water, and gray water.  Clean water is from rain or leaky pipes, gray water is from appliances such as dishwasher, washing machine, or the toilet while black water comes from the sewer or flooding from a nearby water source like a river.
  • Damage level. Evaluate the damage level. Usually, you can handle light damage but significant damage should be left to the pros. For instance, if flooding on the upper level of your home has seeped through the floor onto the ceiling, this indicates the damage is beyond your ability to safety restore. Thus, you must contact professionals from Renovo to take care of the issues for you and ensure your safety and your home’s.