5 Beetle Chair Interior Inspirations To Add To Your Mood Board!

The classy, upscale aesthetic of the Beetle Chair has always been statement worthy, so any space that you furnish with it will always look interesting and unique. It’s a chair with a peculiar presence that always makes a person stop, observe, and try it out.

So, if you’re as in love with this chair as everyone else, and are searching for unique inspirations to emulate it in your interior designs, then here are a few ideas that will make a great addition to your mood-board:

  1. The Patterned Poppet


This living room aesthetic may look conventional at first glance, but once you notice the Beetle Chair, you won’t be able to look away. The burgundy patterned upholstery couples gorgeously with the gilded metal legs and pipe-seams. The entire exudes a baroque appeal that pairs well with the contemporary visuals of this living room. You can recreate a similar aesthetic in your own homes by picking the most eclectic upholstery for your Beetle Chair!

  1. The chic dining area


Pairing the Beetle Chair with a statement dining table is a requisite interior design fashion statement. You can have so much fun experimenting with what colored upholstery and leg-finish might complement your dining table. This thumb rule will guide you the best in this regard: contrast before you complement!

  1. Spicing up the bedroom


If you’re trying to make your bedroom feel comfier, homelier, and trendier, then simply complement it with a stylish Beetle Chair. The chair can be used in an accent capacity and you can furnish it adjacent to the bed. Its upholstery can be dark, decadent, and sumptuous, so that it will add a lavish aura even to the most casual spaces. Bring in a fashionable end-table or a small bookcase, and you won’t find anything more inviting!

  1. A quality corner nook

Everyone has that one empty nook in their home that looks sad and lonely if left as is. You can certainly spruce it up by putting a freestanding Beetle Chair in it. Not only will this functionalize the area, but you can also pair the chair with an end table loaded with books, a vase, or even a humidifier to create a quality alone-time alcove to spend some great me-time in.

  1. A Shared Study Space


Whether you’re designing a commercial library space or a shared-study room for multiple people within your residence, you won’t be able to find a furniture piece as stylish or comfortable as the Beetle Chair. Just look at the casual study area in this image; its minimalist undertones are artfully complemented by the cool neutral upholstery of the Beetle Chair, which stands out stunningly against the all-white backdrop. You can design a similar aesthetic in your own spaces.

So these are some mood board inspirations that you can add to your wish-list. As you can see, there are a lot of unique spaces you can furnish with the Beetle Chair, and we hope you managed to get some great ideas from our list.