Creative ways of announcing your address change

Are you relocating your new home to somewhere else?

Have you shared your new address with your friends?

If not done yet, then what are you waiting for. Housewarming invitations are the best thing you can do to invite your closed ones to welcome at your new home. Some of you might think why exactly you need them when you can send an email. The problem with email is that they can wind up in the ‘junk mail’ inbox, and probably your friends cannot open them. To add some fun and to make sure that your invitation reaches your loved ones, you can send them housewarming invitation cards by Basic Invite.

Sending customize invitation cards

If you are entirely new to the city, you can contact Basic Invite to find some exciting invitation cards that you can easily customize as per your choice. Select from some vintage cards or go for fun cards to invite others. Honestly, the colorful cards cannot be avoided by your loved ones, and they will definitely come to your new home for cheering you up.

Creating custom magnets

It is a way to give a reminder to your family and friends about the date of the housewarming party. There are various websites where you can find custom magnets to provide a new address. On getting a free magnet, your friends can know note down the date and visit your new home. In short, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Record a video for making an announcement

Doesn’t it sound interesting? For this, you have to create a single video clip, which you can send as an invitation to everyone. You can even post the video on Instagram and Facebook or send it via email to invite your friends. The interesting thing is that you can give your new house a visual look to your friends.

Going digital with GIF

Every one of is love sending GIFs to everybody who is in contact with us. Do you know you can also send invitations for your housewarming party by sending GIFs? This can simply be done by taking a short video of your house and put the text with your new address. Share this GIF with others and invite them for a cool party at your home.

Relocating to a new home is quite exciting, and this experience can be double up when you celebrate it with your loved ones. Choose a beautiful, moving notification cards from Basic Invite and start sending the invitations.