A Few Important Things To Consider While Buying A Leather Couch

Leather furniture is a luxury addition to your home that improves with age. It is an ideal upgrade for those who are looking for something unique, nifty, and comfortable at the same time. A leather couch is more durable than any other piece of furniture, and it comes in various styles, colours, and textures.

Just like any other big-spendings, purchasing leather furniture also requires proper planning and consideration. It is essential to learn a few things about the product before going out for shopping. The natural fibre, the sturdy frame, the cushion material, etc. are a few of the many things that you must look out for before purchasing.

Here is a quick guide about various factors that you need to consider when buying a leather couch or sofa. Let’s get started!

The Type Of Material

A leather couch can be manufactured using various types of leather material depending upon varying parts of cowhide.

Genuine manufacturers use full-grain leather to make the highest quality and luxurious leather furniture. This superior type of leather features natural hide markings and textures and gives a luxurious look to the product.

However, there is one more kind of leather, known as split-grain, used to manufacture cheaper sofas. You must look out for it. Take an expert with you if you are not sure about the quality of the leather. Avoid buying sofas and couches made from split-grade leathers as they are less durable than top-grains.

Leather Finishing

Sometimes leather couches are padded or upholstered with cheap plastic materials then finished off using top-grain leather to give it an elegant look.

For instance, bonded leather comprises organic material, carbamates, popularly known as polyurethane. This synthetic material is sprayed on the sofa to make it look genuine and expensive. Make sure that the couch you buy is manufactured with natural leather, and the finishing is done using aniline dye.

Construction Of The Couch

Along with the type of material used, construction of the couch and the kind of material used to build the frame plays a vital role.

The quality-oriented sofas have a powerful hardwood frame that enhances its durability. So make sure you opt for the one with the highest quality material used.

Avoid purchasing the one with a plastic frame or softwood frame because it is not sturdy and durable. You can also ask the storekeeper if the wood used was processed, or which drying process was used during the manufacturing process. Make sure your sofas are Kiln dried as it prevents the wood from warping in moist weather.

Types Of Cushion

While buying the leather couch, the cushion must be firm, supportive, and durable. Ask the shopkeeper if they have used dense polyurethane foam to fill them up.

Some cushions are padded with the combination of natural down and polyurethane. These types of cushions are the most favourable because of their soft and luxurious essence.

Avoid buying cushions that are made up of only natural down as they require constant fluffing and squashed out of shape with time.

Wrapping Up

The factors mentioned above are some of the crucial things that you must consider while adding a leather couch into your home. They will help you end up with the right quality leather goods that offer 100% value for your money.