Why Rent a Crane?


Cranes are the muscle of a construction project as they get the work done. They help to increase productivity by lifting, loading and unloading heavy and oversized items. However, cranes are a big piece of construction equipment that may cost lots of money to buy, store and maintain. Most companies prefer to rent a crane from a crane rental company to save money, time, and worries during their construction project. Van Adrighem crane rental is a household name in the crane industry. Van Adrighem group provides cranes for sale and rental purposes as well as the purchase of both old and used cranes. It can be a hectic task finding the perfect crane for your construction project. However, while hiring a crane service, it’s good to consider factors such as the hiring terms and cost, skills of the operator, safety amenities provided, site conditions, and the crane capacity. The crane company you choose to hire has the potential to mess up or make your project a success.

The benefits of renting a crane include

  • Save time

Crane makes a construction project efficient by moving and lifting heavy loads to greater heights, hard areas to reach, and help to speed up completion time. Noting and informing the crane operator of any form of obstacles at the construction sites, save time as the operator can choose the best equipment to meet your construction goals.

  • Save money

Renting a crane is saves the company a lot of money than buying one, whether a small or big crane. Purchasing a crane requires a down payment and the maintenance cost during operation. Renting puts the insurance cost on the crane service company as well as the transportation cost to and from the site. The cost incurred by the contractor is only for rental purposes cheaper than the cost of buying a crane. Crane is efficient with frequent inspection, repair, and maintenance which are an extra expense after buying over renting a crane, where the contractor is not liable for maintenance, repair, and inspection.

  • Manpower and expertise

Crane rental companies provide qualified, skilled, and certified crane operators along with the crane of your choice. These save the contractor labor and licensing cost, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

  • Use of the right equipment

Renting a crane enables a contractor to change the equipment based on the type of construction project at hand. Different cranes perform different kinds of tasks and renting provide the flexibility of choosing various modern cranes with modern features to meet contractors need and requirements without multiple purchases.

  • No equipment depreciation

While renting a crane, the contractor does not incur equipment depreciation costs or get the hassle of finding a buyer for the used crane as the crane rental company incurs any ongoing expense.


Renting a crane gives a contractor the advantage of leasing the equipment needed for the time needed. When you hire crane services from the best in the industry, Van Adrighem crane rental, you are guaranteed full customer satisfaction.