What Is the Difference Between Laminate and Hybrid Flooring

If you are searching for timber-looking floors, hybrid flooring is the best option. Laminate and hybrid floors are similar, but they have lots of differences. Hybrid flooring pros and cons are many and you must decide if you want the flooring or not. Both the laminate and hybrid floors have been there for years.

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Difference between laminate and hybrid flooring

·       Durability

Laminate floors are durable to hybrid flooring. It contains aluminum oxide that prevents wear and tear. The floors last for a longer time and you can take benefits from them.

·       Cost and pricing

Price is a better factor that should be kept in mind while choosing the floor types. Laminate flooring is better due to its cost as compared to hybrid floors. Furthermore, but the installation costs are pretty much the same. You might have to spend a little extra on the laminate floors.

But it is a better sublayer than hybrid floors. Hybrid planks are very flexible. It takes the shape of subfloors without damaging them.

·       The thickness of the floors

The thickness of floors also matters a lot. The hybrid floors come with protective layers of about 4mm to 7mm. It is best to reduce the noise when you are walking. The laminate floorings have a thickness from 8mm to 12mm. The thickness is measured when you are talking about the waterproof facility of the floors.

Ways to clean hybrid flooring

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Since hybrid floors are waterproof, you can clean them with water and liquid solution. Use a pH natural balanced cleaner. Secondly, you should not use a steam mop and to remove dirt, sweep using a soft broom. Be sure that you don’t scratch the floors when you are mopping the hybrid floors.

Hybrid floors look like real timber and can be virtually used in all indoor spaces. Further, when you look at the hybrid floors, they look so stylish. Also, these are highly resistant so you can install them in your homes. Since hybrid flooring is waterproof, it is chosen in water-prone spaces.

Hybrid floors are hard-wearing so, they are not designed for adverse weather conditions. It could be potentially damaging the planks. Hybrid floors are not good to be installed outside. It will make the hybrid flooring invalid.

Hybrid floors are 100% indestructible and can be easily scratched. Keep all the furniture by putting felt pads on the bottom. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners to clean them. The minor scratches can be dealt with simply cover oil.


Hybrid and laminate flooring are both very similar in use. But people prefer hybrid flooring since it’s an innovative way of flooring. Homeowners choose floors that are durable and can last for longer years. If you have dream of installing Wooden Flooring but need cost effective solution that can give you the same feel as wooden, then hybrid flooring can be your best bet.