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Firstly, if the movers blue springs mo and movers appleton wi will take care of the packaging, it will be sufficient for them to indicate which items are fragile. They will know how to pack each piece and will have the necessary packaging available. If you are going to take care of the packing yourself you have to consider the objects that need special packaging and what it will be. Get some cardboard boxes with internal foam padding. You can also find padded envelopes with bubble wrap that are ideal for protecting impact-sensitive items.

  • Do not put various objects that are very delicate in the same box, so you will avoid them colliding with each other and protect them from possible breakage. As for the glassware, the best thing is to wrap it in bubble wrap and put the various pieces in the same box so that they will be totally protected. In this case the amount of plastic must be considerable so that they do not break if they touch each other.
  • For transporting televisions or computer screens, it is best to wrap them in a thick blanket and leave them last when loading the truck and first to unload once they arrive at the new house. Finally, it always indicates on the outside of the box that its contents are fragile so that whoever transports it knows that they must treat it more carefully. The office moving hawaii services have the best options in these cases.

Tips for a move

If you are starting to prepare a move, in addition to choosing the right packaging, you need to consider what kind of products you will use to close it. In fact, a bad closure can cause the boxes to break and damage what you are transporting, especially when it comes to fragile materials such as furniture, glassware, porcelain, etc. The first thing is to make sure that the boxes are of quality and suitable for the type of content you are going to put in each of them.

The first tool to close the packaging is the adhesive tape applicator, which is very convenient and allows on various occasions to reinforce the box in a very simple way.


As for furniture such as wardrobes, which are among the heaviest things, it is not advisable to carry them with all the clothing inside, but it is advisable to store everything possible in suitcases so that loading the cabinets for transport is not excessively heavy. For what doesn’t fit in the closet, there are special packagings that are large, cabinet-like cartons that have a top hanger holder where you can carry your hanging garments. Ask the Full Service Local Moving Company bardstown ky and see if they can provide you with this type of packaging. Also reinforce them with several passes of masking tape to prevent them from opening.