3 Astounding Factors that Make Metal Prints Popular

When you visit an art gallery, the pictures are so striking and clear that they speak to you, don’t they? Now, what if we say that it’s possible that you can have such pictures at your house? Of course, most people would laugh it off. How can normal people afford such antiques, right? Well, if that’s what you think, then we’d like to let you know very much that you’re wrong. If you want candid pictures that speak to you in a million ways – with the same clarity as you see in art galleries – then, Big Acrylic large metal prints are just the right options for you.

What Are Metal Prints?

When we say metal prints, it means pictures printed on metal – aluminum. There is a gigantic plethora of reasons that make large metal prints so popular.

One factor, of course, is affordability – they’re much more affordable when compared to the pictures from upscale art galleries. And the other 3 reasons are listed below.

  1. Metal Prints are Your Destiny if It’s Variety that You Crave

Metal prints can be done in 2 ways:

  • Brush Metal for pictures with a brushed pattern.
  • White metal for pictures that are sharp with a high contrast ratio.

Brushed illusion on metal is achieved by leaving some areas in a picture white.

High contrast ratio, on the other hand, is an outcome of using vivid colors and contouring.

  1. Metal Prints are Durable

Durability of large metal prints by Big Acrylic can be defined in a number of ways listed below.

  • They can withstand harsh weather conditions. So, they are perfect outdoor options.
  • They’re printed on dibond that makes the picture rigid and aluminum on the sides makes the entire structure strong.

Also, the colors in metal do not smudge in rain or melt in heat. All in all, these pictures are extremely durable.

  1. They’re Easy to Handle

When we say that, we mean they’re lightweight. It makes it possible to simply pick up the picture and move it at your convenience.

Besides, Big Acrylic can also customize the size of the frame according to your choice.

Lastly, it’s very easy to clean metal prints since there’s no threat to the colors whatsoever.

Multiple Display Options

That much spluttered, it’s time we give you a sneak-peek about the brilliant ways in which these pictures can be installed to dramatically increase their presentation.

  • Standoff Option
  • Float Option
  • Float Frame Option
  • Metal Box Option

To sum up, it’s easy to let art do the talking when it’s metal prints you’re talking about – they’re expressive and demonstrate an HD-like clarity.