Parquet or solid wood flooring which to choose

Did you know that there are actually two types of hardwood flooring: solid and laminate? Solid hardwood flooring is defined as flooring made from solid hardwood. Whereas multi-ply wood flooring is made of several layers of wood, the top layer of which is made of hardwood.

If you are not sure whether to choose solid or multi-layer flooring, if you are hesitant about which is the better choice for your home, we suggest you prioritise your choices according to certain parameters. Some of them are described in this article. First of all, think about the result you want to achieve.

Floor and interior style

Both types of flooring have different parameters and variations, such as width, thickness, colour, style… You can find multi-layer parquet flooring similar or identical to solid wood flooring.


Both solid hardwood (oak or ash) flooring and laminate flooring will add value to your home. However, solid hardwood flooring is clearly worth more and retains its value better than laminate flooring. Despite the fact that the lower layers of multi-layer parquet are made from a cheaper type of wood, they are often more expensive than solid wood flooring.


Although both types of flooring are very durable, you can re-sand (usually 1 time for sanding, and that’s if it’s glued, not floating) and re-varnish or re-oil (usually 1 time for sanded parquet, and that’s if it’s glued, not floating), but you can definitely renovate solid floors more times than you can renovate parquet. Both floor types can also be installed on heated floors, although double-layer will be more stable when comparing much wider boards >16 cm.


Solid hardwood (oak, ash…) flooring and two- or three-layer wood flooring can be laid on plywood, blackboard or concrete. In addition, triple-layer parquet can be laid floating (but over time, creaking when walking occurs). Thicker solid planks can be laid directly on lagging, overlapping lagging. When installing solid hardwood, it is best to have your hardwood floor installed by a professional unless you have experience in floor installation. On the other hand, if you have some experience with floor installation and are looking for a DIY option, then triple-layer parquet is the way to go. Although solid planks can be factory oiled, they also need to be laid on the floor by gluing or screwing on lagging.

Environmentally friendly:

Both types of flooring are environmentally friendly – in their own way. While less hardwood is used to make laminate flooring, solid wood flooring will last you much longer.

The website provides a wealth of relevant information on parquet and solid flooring, its types, installation (including underfloor heating), use and maintenance.

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The surface of the solid oak and solid ash floorboards is sanded and finished. Carefully selected boards according to category, special high hardness putty for branches and wood colours, 3 times sanded surface ready for final varnish or oil finish. The finished boards can be installed without additional sanding and polishing, and the factory sanded and oiled solid hardwood surface saves up to 50% on installation costs.

Leave your worries to the professionals, look to the future and your home will shine in all its beauty with natural solid wood flooring that provides warmth and creates a healthy environment for you and your children.