How to Transform Your Landed House Interior Design

Due to the amount of time and space required, house maintenance is not a simple task. However, suppose you require assistance with renovating or enhancing the appearance of your Singapore landed property. In that case, we recommend retaining the services of a landed house interior design and renovation contractor who provides high-quality landed interior designs.

Before choosing a landed house interior designer, you must clearly understand what you want. Then, you will examine attentively to determine if an interior designer or contractor matches your chosen concept.

As a result of the consistent introduction of new and updated interior design patterns by interior designers to adorn landed properties, interior design is vast and abundant. Do not judge a landed house by its exterior appearance, as so many people tend to prioritise the interior design of their landed houses over the exterior.

Although the exterior of a house sometimes indicates what to expect on the inside, the interior and exterior of your landed property may contain fundamental differences.

We have outlined some of the most beautiful house interior designs that will adorn your single-family home. Here are some fantastic concepts to transform your landed house interior design.

Use Lacquer-Effect Wallpaper

We recommend lacquer-effect wallpaper because it can be repaired more readily than other wallpapers. When someone draws on it, it is easy to clear.

Transform Eyesores

You can remodel your cellar with the money you save from not having to reconfigure the HCVA air duct by removing eyesores. However, other ideas, such as ballet-slipper pink, are more expensive on the market.

Paint Over Faux Moulding

You may add paint to your landed apartments, particularly if there is no ceiling or door moulding. This adds more creativity to your interiors while simultaneously beautifying your home.


How about updating the colour scheme while maintaining the natural splendour of the brickwork and wood? Not only will it make an elegant statement, but it will also provide long-lasting protection.

Utilise What You Already Possess

Reusing parts from previous residences is an additional intriguing method for embellishing interior designs. This will simultaneously give your home a stratified appearance and reduce the cost of relocation. This appears ambiguous, but attempting it would undoubtedly yield a successful outcome. Indeed, there is always a positive outcome from persistently attempting. You’d be astonished by the results you can achieve by adding a little flair to the actual steps.

Use Murals to Bring Space to Life

You should incorporate murals into your home’s interior design because they help bring more vitality into the space. They are intended to attract more people to your home through designs rather than actual people.

Mix Old and New Furniture

Old decor will always have a place in interior design, particularly when combined with new decor to create breathtaking designs. Thus, old and modern decorations can coexist. The combination of contemporary and antique elements never gets tired.

Upgrade Your Lighting with High-Tech

An enhancement to your home’s illumination contributes significantly to its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, your household is in good condition. Therefore, we recommend the top-of-the-line smart circadian rhythm lighting for you because it utilises superior illumination services.