What to Remember When Installing Countertops for Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen countertops are essential for your kitchen in many ways. Let’s start with an aesthetics perspective.

For centuries, kitchen countertops have been considered the most critical part of a kitchen—their history dates to ancient times. Although we now have many textures options and materials, countertops have been around since humans began to cook.

For this reason, it is only fitting to choose the best one when you remodel your kitchen. However, you may need to remember a few things when you install one before you do that. 

First, it will be necessary to remove the backsplash. It should be in good condition. If the countertop is laminated, you can replace it with laminate countertops. Your overhead cabinets must match the base of the cabinet. You will need to remove the tops from any solid countertops made of composite and replace them with newer ones. 

Another one is there may be some disruption to your daily routine. To isolate dust and other debris:

  1. Cover the vents and entryways to the installation area.
  2. Clear a path through your house to allow easy access to the installation area.
  3. Cover your floors and furniture along the route, as well as any other areas of your home.
  4. Take out all of your items from the cabinets.

Anything that might break during installation, such as vases, lamps, lighting, mirrors and paintings, wall hangings, antiques, or other valuables, should be moved.

If your countertop does not match your design, it’s time for cabinet refacing Lake Forest. This is the part where you will replace the front panels of your cabinets and their door handles to make them look new and more excellent.

Cabinet refacing Mission Viejo is an excellent chance for you to match your existing kitchen layout to your new countertop. 

Click this infographic from Mr. Cabinet Care for more information about what you must remember before installing a countertop.