Using Home Ultrasonic Humidifiers For Optimum Comfort And Health

The benefits of using an ultrasonic humidifier are many. Any humidifier works to add an optimum level of moisture into the immediate environment where people live, work or sleep. This device will remedy the effects of air that is too drying and tends to cause health problems in susceptible people. A humidifier works in the opposite way to a dehumidifier — an apparatus used to remove excess moisture from the air. An environment that is too moist and humid also brings with it potential health problems in the form of mold and other air contaminants. Clearly an ideal balance in the level of the humidity and freshness of the air we breathe is essential for human comfort and well being.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are a fairly new and advanced development in the efficiency of these devices. The ultrasonic type of humidifier employs a ceramic diaphragm which vibrates at an ultrasonic (beyond the range of audible sound) frequency to create tiny water droplets which then quietly rise from the humidifier in vaporized form, like a cool fog. The ‘fineness’ of the droplets in the moist air means that moisture assimilates into the air more efficiently and disperses more quickly to reduce air dryness. So ultimately, ultrasonic humidifiers operate in the same way as traditional ones that work by adding humidity into the air through an electrical source.

While excessively high humidity can result in respiratory problems through airborne microbes that multiply in humidity-loving mold, air that is overly dry can also worsen allergies. Dust allergies are one of the most common reactions, and humidifiers are very useful in reducing the level of airborne dust. The water droplets work to bind the dust and keep it on the floor where it can be safely vacuumed.. The use of ultrasonic humidifiers can help you deal with these problems effectively. You can use the device as part of a strategy for eliminating dust, which is one of the top causes of allergy.

The only likely maintenance you will have to perform with your humidifier is that you may need to replace the impeller periodically. The impeller is the moving part of the unit and it does the job of humidifying the air. Thus, it needs to be replaced regularly. Most of the humidifiers come with lifetime warranty and so this means that it should be relatively easy to replace this part. While most of the humidifiers have a manual system for you to be able to change the impeller, there are some that do not have this feature. In all, this may not be a problem as ultrasonic humidifiers can now be purchased and replaced quite cheaply.

Lastly, be sure to place the ultrasonic humidifier on a safe flat surface, such as a table or any other flat surface, as it is an electrical appliance that contains a water supply. Also, each humidifier will only be effective for a limited volume of air in an average room, so you may need several of them to adequately ventilate the home. Try them out, and you will soon find that these devices are a great help in monitoring and controlling the humidity levels in your home or office.