Removing Blockage In The Tub

No matter how tidy a person is, he is never immune to such a problem as a blockage in the bath. That is why every home should have funds that will help in solving this problem. Well, if you need plumbing services, you can contact a 24-hour local plumber. They are a very reputed and experienced company, who would work you to remove the blockage of your tub and make it work like before.

Clogging Elimination Methods

  • Thermal. This option can help if the cause of the blockage is the accumulation of fatty deposits. It is enough to turn on hot water for 10-20 minutes, and the plug will disappear by itself. If you have iron pipes installed, you can pour boiling water from a kettle into them.
  • Chemical. This method involves the use of unique products sold in stores in the form of gels, powders, foams, and liquid solutions. They are composed of various acids and alkalis. However, some of the components of these products may be too aggressive for plastic pipes. Care should be taken when using them as if they come into contact with the skin, and such products can provoke a chemical burn. It is also undesirable to allow them to fall on chrome mixers.
  • Mechanical. If the plug is located very profoundly, you can get rid of it with a galvanized steel cable. At its end, there is a hook or brush with which you can pry off the resulting pollution and get it, or push it into a full part of the sewer. You can also disassemble the siphon and clean it.
  • Using a plunger. It breaks down the resulting blockage using pressure. This method is valid only if the blockage is located near the drain.

There are also folk remedies for solving this problem, the most effective among which is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. But if the mud plug is too deep, this remedy will not be able to remove it. If you need the help of a plumber to clear the blockage, please contact our company, which provides toilet installation services.