How to maintain marble countertops?

Marble is one of the least countertop materials, but yet it remains as a beautiful choice. People who want a classy look around the kitchen, prefer using marble countertops. Whether you want to upgrade your countertop, or already have one at home, you need to consider a lot of things. 

Threats to marble

Compared to other stones, Granite au Sommet marble is pretty soft and sensitive. The experts may suggest that marble is sealed, but it will still be prone to stains and scratches. Some of the prominent things that can fill the entire look of the marble countertop include dull spots, scratching, etching and more. When marble comes in contact with other substances it will become prone to scratches. 

Also, it is advised to avoid using citrus fruits, coffee, wine or juice on the surface of marble to avoid staining. 

How to keep the marble safe? 

Marble being a soft and sensitive stone requires proper care. Some of the prominent ways to keep marble in a proper condition include the following

  • Daily cleaning

Experts recommend to clean the marble countertops twice or thrice a day. How much you clean the marble countertops depends on how you have been using it. 

Make sure to use a soft cloth while regularly cleaning the marble. Also, use warm water. Rather than using chemical soaps, experts recommend to use natural soap with neutral pH level. The market is filled with stone cleaners. Hence, you can be choosing any one of the following to ensure the best. The stone cleaners should however be specifically designed for the stone. 

Your local hardware store owners can help you find the best. To clean the marble, you will need to prepare a poultice paste which will consume a lot of time and effort. Soft cloth and sponge can be pretty effective for getting rid of the damage b

A lemon cleaner can also be helpful for maintaining the natural shine and polish of the stone. Immediately clean the surface after spraying the solution or else it will damage the entire look. 

  • Long-term solution

Sealing the marble countertops can be one of the best long-term solutions for keeping the surface clean. The sealants are available in the market that can be purchased from a local hardware store. These sealants can help to protect the marble countertops from 6 months to decade. The marble countertop will further stay in a good position for a long time.