How To Clean A Siphon Bottle When There Is A Blockage In The Bathroom

One of the most common problems in plumbing occurs in the bathroom and is none other than the difficulty to swallow the water in any of its elements; It is usual and recommended that toilets such as the shower, the bidet, or the washbasin are connected to a Siphonic Canister, and from this, a connection (larger diameter than their individual drains) comes out to the downspout or main pipe.

But What Happens If The Siphon Boat Gets Stuck?

Installing a Siphon Canister in residential homes has among others, the advantage of not having to put an individual siphon for each of the toilets that we mentioned before; the problem comes when it suffers a traffic jam as this will affect the evacuation of one or more of the elements connected to it. They are typical cases in which the sink, for example, swallows with difficulty, but also the water that comes out does not go to the downspout but comes out through the bathtub. What can we do in these cases?

  • Whether it affects only one of the connected elements or if there are several, the solution is to clean the Pot.
  • We have to locate the Siphon Canister’s lid that will be on the bathroom floor and will typically have a screw in the center.
  • With a screwdriver, we will remove the trim to have access to the lid of the Canister.
  • Turning the crank anticlockwise, we will loosen it; once it loosens, we will pull it to remove it, and we will have the inside of the boat in view.

How Does this Work?

How does it work? The Boat has, as we have already mentioned, several water inlets and an outlet. Looking from above, we will see that there is an overflow next to this exit. The Boat’s operation is effortless; the water comes from the different toilets, and enough accumulates so that the inlets are submerged, thus blocking the passage of odors from the downspout to the bathroom. But the problem is that the dirt that accompanies the water accumulates in the boat, producing the jam over time.

How to Get it Done

With rubber gloves, we will reach in to remove all the solid substance that was in the siphon bottle, and that was blocking the water drainage. This dirt that plumbers usually find is usually hairs, or small concrete elements seeped into the pipes with the regular use of toilets.

Once clean, we reassemble everything as it was, following the reverse order of assembly; and the drains must carry the water without any difficulty. If not, the problem may be more severe than it seemed initially, for example, a clog in the downspout or the general; then we will have no choice but to call the specialists.