HDB Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

An analysis of the real estate market suggests that HDB flats are the most popular homes in Singapore.

As time passes, apartment sizes in small Singapore areas are shrinking rapidly, making interior design planning a considerable challenge for tenants and interior designers.

Space saving is imperative in these types of apartments. It is natural to feel overwhelmed thinking in these terms when you start thinking about renovating and revamping your flat.

But worry not because we will show you the best HDB interior design ideas in Singapore and lessons you can use to transform your own home.

Minimalism vs mess

First things first, HDB apartments do not tolerate maximalist furniture. By drowning your flat with too many accessories and big furniture, you are risking making a mess of your apartment.

Instead, why not try implementing pragmatic furniture that transforms into the type of elements that you need to use currently or furniture that has hidden compartments that hide elements that you don’t use at the moment?

This type of furniture is crucial for a minimalist philosophy. By removing unnecessary furniture from your apartment and adopting a minimalistic style, you can create an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

Tearing down walls and connecting spaces

Open-concept houses are one of the top interior design trends in the world, and Singapore is no exception.

Let’s tear down those walls separating spaces and experiment with an open-plan layout. This concept helps create the illusion of space in smaller apartments and, with that, make the most out of all living areas that would be confined within walls.

Quality materials

When (re)building your apartment, the most vital aspect you should pay attention to is the quality of the elements that will be, figuratively and literally, the building blocks for your home.

The terms you need to consider are strength, longevity, ease of maintenance, and moisture resistance.

Metallic surfaces and concrete are usually found outside in public settings, but they can also add a touch of uniqueness and character to contemporary homes, as well.

Wood and glass, on the other hand, are the most loved and wanted materials in almost every style of homes. Regardless of whether you will use them in separate forms or as a mix, all these elements can bring a level of elegance and warmth if they are of good quality.

Colour and light

Colours and lighting are the basis of any interior style. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you first want to achieve, it is essential to consider what colours and lighting system you will use.

This is also the most clever way to change the scheme and atmosphere of space without completely changing furniture and accessories. Just by switching the colour palette and lighting system, your interior will change the way how you are usually perceiving it.

Light plays this role especially well. Using different hues and intensities of light can give the space a chillier or livelier atmosphere, so play around with different kinds of lighting. Without too much investment, you will definitely revamp your flat visually.

Accent points

Speaking of financial investments in home renovations, we all know that this can be an expensive business to take on these challenges. But it doesn’t have to be that way necessarily!

Start with accent points instead of tearing everything down and throwing it out. Decide on the main points in the rooms that attract the most attention and dedicate yourself specifically to changing them.

By changing the focal accent spots, we change the entire composition of the room, and that is a very budget-friendly and powerful tool for renovating your home.

Challenging traditional norms

We know that we put a lot of rules and lessons on you in this list, but rules are meant to be broken – In home renovations, at least. Creative solutions start by challenging established norms and illusions of rules we all put over ourselves.

That’s why experimenting and daring to try unconventional approaches to home renovation is crucial to get a unique composition that no other can imitate, and that is where your personal touch comes in.

Different places of furniture and combinations will happen only if you let your imagination run wild and lead the way.


You can also achieve the personal touch by bringing art to the room. Furniture has an aesthetic purpose to a certain degree, but if you really want to have a room that is a mirror image of your taste and character, then displaying art is the way to go.

Use eye-catching artwork that can be a standalone accent point we already covered before or as a part of coloristic and pattern harmony in the room.

Let this not be just an aesthetic job that you will let your interior designer take care of because art should never be some status symbol that your guests will admire but a true reflection of your outlook on life and personality.

So, in this process, you should choose pieces that resonate with you, and pieces that mean something to you, and think about how they represent you. You can even use these pieces to help you communicate with your designer about what kind of atmosphere you want to bring to your home.


To summarize all of the above, you should consider points such as using fewer items, high-quality materials, and open spaces to make the home feel unique and cosy.

Also, when it comes to that personal touch, choosing unique furniture and personal artwork is certainly going to give your home a specific set of aesthetics that perfectly reflect your personality and taste.

We hope that we tickled your creative bone with these ideas and that you will achieve everything you envisioned for your home to be.