Effects of climate change on Hand-tufted Carpets

What does hand-tufted carpet mean?

Hand-tufted carpets came to us from the canvas in this purpose tufted tool is helpful to punch strands of yarn in the canvas to trace the designs. All this process consumes time but less than hand-knotted carpet it requires fewer skills even an uneducated person can also do this after learning some days. Hand-tufted carpets are durable enough if you take care of them this carpet spends many years with you. These carpets are ideal for domestic use if you are interested to change the interior after 7 to 10 years hand knotted carpets are based on heirloom quality. Climatic changes like storms, wind, summer, and winter never affected on-hand tufted carpets.

Material for tufted carpets

Tufted Carpets are organized just like sandwich yarn is stitched with primary backing which looks like a fish net, it is prepared with synthetic material, and jute is also used instead of synthetic material remaining pieces of looped yarn are poked through the backing.

Making of tufted carpet

Yarn is stitched into the carpet with primary backing which helps to create loop designs. The loop will remain uncut in pile carpets, loops can be easily Sheared to make a cut pile. All its patterns are made from needles that work in sequence.

Advantages of hand-tufted carpet

Hand-tufted carpets are produced for Luxury. It suits all types of interior design and is perfectly used indoors and outdoors; hand-tufted carpets are available in so many colors and designs. Hand-tufted carpets are also used as wall-to-wall carpets. Hand tufted carpet adds beauty in hotels, lobby, Condominium, country clubs, and Yachts, if the cinema owners are not worried about the budget they can be used in theaters, office labs, and so many places hand tufted carpets are used instead of hand-knotted carpets because of affordability.


Most people avoid buying hand-tufted carpet according to them they cannot be cleaned easily because it is thick tufted so dirt may sit beneath and causes skin allergy or respiratory
infection. This is a major problem, but it had been solved by specialists they suggest you apply a vacuum machine for this purpose it deeply cleans your carpet without spreading dirt. Or you can also use a mask while brooming on a hand-tufted carpet. You can also wash it but by hand which is a difficult and time-taking process and cannot be held by a single person. It becomes heavier after being wet. Hand-tufted carpets are expensive as compared to other carpets, so most people avoid buying them.

features of hand-tufted carpet

  • Its texture is fabulous.
  • Available in multiple pile heights
  • Unlimited sizes and width
  • Available in all shapes
  • You can choose a combination of materials.
  • Can be used by artists.
  • Can be prepared according to demand if you want to use it as a wall-to-wall carpet.

Hand-tufted carpet is available in these fabrics

  • Nylon
  • Bamboo
  • Viscose
  • Spun Silk
  • Wool
  • Solution Dyed nylon.