5 Home Renovation Projects You Can Tackle During Winter

The winter period tends to be a little slower for home renovations with the harsher weather conditions making certain tasks, especially those that take place outdoors, rather challenging. This season, however, shouldn’t necessitate hibernation. In fact, there are a number of home renovation projects that can be worthwhile taking on during the winter, some of which can help to make your living spaces more comfortable as the temperatures drop and the weather worsens.

Fresh Paints & New Colours

 One of the most challenging aspects of the winter season is the seemingly constant cold and grey weather. At a time when residents tend to spend a greater amount of time at home, this can dramatically affect mood and wellbeing. A great remedy for this situation is the introduction of new and bright colours into a home.

Adding fresh paint to a living space not only helps it to feel entirely new but also lifts moods and even influences the perception of temperature. A warm, burned orange, for example, not only suits the cosiness of the season but can even make a living space feel cosier, especially when compared with cooler pastels.

Cosy Nook

As the seasons change, so do residential needs from living spaces. The winter encourages residents to seek out comfort in the form of textures, fabrics, and enclosed spaces. This is why a cosy nook can be ideal, offering a warm and secluded space for individuals and small groups to read and relax within.

To create such a space, some embrace nature by turning to log cabins, while others divide their living rooms with elegant partitions. However such a nook is created, it is a worthy investment for the winter period.

Replace Flooring

Repairing or replacing flooring during the winter can be an ideal task for residents to pursue not only because it offers the opportunity to add carpeting where needed or replace deteriorated flooring but also to add underfloor heating, which is now easier and more affordable to do than ever before.

Seal Cracks

If your home has any form of crack or fissure, it is important that it is dealt with before the weather becomes too unrelenting. This is because rainfall and harsh winds can very easily exacerbate damage to a home, with existing damage even letting in moisture and cold air.

Additionally, maintaining a home in such a way can improve insulation, keeping a home warmer and reducing energy bill costs.

Drying Spaces

A significant challenge for homeowners during the winter is the process of drying clothing. This is because, unlike the summer months, it becomes often necessary to dry clothing indoors, creating a significant amount of moisture inside the home. For those without appropriate ventilation, this can mean the encouragement of damper rooms or windows being left open and the internal temperature dropping.

It can be ideal to dedicate a single space, one that is closed off from other living areas, for the purpose of drying clothing. Such spaces can make use of an open window or be close to a heat source, such as a radiator or boiler. Those with wood-burning stoves can also make use of the dry heat they generate to dry clothing quickly.