Table Lamp Parts

The lamp table or table lamp is a tool or light source capable of converting electrical energy into light energy or chemistry. Its main function is to provide light to the place you are paying attention to, unlike ceiling lights that scatter light in a general way. There are various styles of table lamps and they range from rustic and classic to modern and high-tech with LED bulbs. Incandescent light was one of the first used to create artificial light, but today there are lamps whose light is luminescent, electroluminescent and fluorescent.

Table lamps are extremely necessary due to the ease they provide, since they distribute the light correctly and in a delimited way, thus being of benefit at work or when reading, creating a feeling of comfort in sight. It is correct to place the table atollo lamp replica uk next to the chair or armchair where the reading is taking place.

Table lamps are also placed in corridors to give the feeling of spaciousness in the area; they are also placed in the rooms to provide light to the entire place, but without ceasing to be a private, intimate and relaxed space.

Table Lamp Parts


The socket or base of the bulb is the part of the table lamp that screws into the socket. To facilitate the passage of electricity, the bushing is made of metal.

The base of the light bulb allows you to hold the electric light bulb, mechanically supports and supplies the electrical connections for the operation of the table lamp.

In addition, they help that when it is necessary to change the lamp, this happens easily and without risks.


The tube or staff is the part that supports the upper accessories of the table lamp, such as the lampshade, the cap and the bulb.

Light bulb

The bulb or spotlight is the instrument in charge of projecting the light from the table lamp. It has the shape of a cylinder and glass material, it is screwed at one of its ends and inside it is formed by tungsten filaments, which when the current passes, produces incandescent light. All the lamps have in common that the bulbs should not exceed 60W.